Internet Solutions Steidle (ILS) on the one hand operates with its own web-services and on the other hand developes websites for clients.

The client service covers every level for maintenance care in between the development of a new website, over small enhancements in existing websites up to full operational websites. Clients might be teached to maintain their content alone, or ILS can complete the support of the website in the name of the client, containing all necessary technical services and human communication to website visitors or purchasers.

The broad spectrum of supported economic sectors ranges from enterprises in the medical-in german language, artist-in german language, handicraft-in german language, industrial planning department- and industrial mechanical engineering in german language sector, church in german language, publishing trade in german language, attorneys in german language, forwarding businesses in german language up to the world-wide most efficient company for landmine clearance operations. in german language auch in englischer Sprache.

Tobias Steidle To fairly serve these different customers with different target groups is possible by the education of the company owner Tobias Steidle as a technical communicator in german language. Thus the communication can easily happen on the customers respective knowledge level and the start of concentrated communication becomes easy, even in the conception phase.

The bandwidth of the knowledges and educational abilities also becomes obvious on the one hand by the grant of a patent (DE 19519528) in german language in the field of the video technology (anti-shake support for moved cameras) and on the other hand the award in a country wide innovation competition "promotion" in german language with the emphasis at traffic themes with the concept of a special freight trade stock.

Tell us your setting of tasks, we provide the solution.


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